National Programme of Education for Girls at Elementary Level


NPEGEL as a distinct gender Component of SSA focuses on gender specific issues such as out of school girls, drop out girls, overage girls, not completing elementary education, working girls, girls from marginalized social group, girls with low attendance, girls with low achievement etc.


NPEGEL in Jharkhand

NPEGEL was initiated in Jharkhand in September 2003 with an objective of education of under privileged / disadvantaged girls. The program was initiated with a framework of structures at district, block and cluster level. A total of 2975 Model cluster Schools are functional at present in the State covering 24 districts of Jharkhand.


Following activities as well as strategy  has been conducted for improving the quality of NPEGEL centers


Recurring grant to MCS:

This amount has provided to each MCS to meet the requirements of expenditure on various activities for promotion of girls' education in the cluster including maintenance of school and part time instructor for additional inputs in specified subjects. Teachers were engaged for vocational training for the period of 3 months in an academic year. Following activity has been made under the recurring grant.


    Legal Counseling Legal counseling gave a plate form to the adolescent girls to discuss theissues which they are facing in day to day life i.e. Child labour, Early marriage, Dowry System, House hold harassment etc. Through Legal counseling 37765 in and out of school girls have been benefited during financial year 2010-2011.

The objective behind organizing such legal counseling is to make the community aware about social justice. In such camps KGBVs students were also participated. The main speaker of such legal counseling were District Collector, District Judge and other Judicial Officers of the district as well as Block Officers.


    Health Camp - Health camp was organized in 247 blocks of 24 districts. It was organized with the convergence of National Rural Health Mission, Jharkhand. At block level Primary Health Centre was involved to organize the camp. Through health camp 64490 girls have been covered in the state. Major things discussed in the Health Camp are

   Personal hygiene

   Demerits of early marriage


   Facility available in health department

   Physical changes in adolescent girls

Outcomes of this camp- Free Health check up was organized with the help of local Primary Health Centre. Free medicine was distributed among needy girls of MCS. Adolescent girls become more conscious about their health and hygiene.


    Exposure Visit - Exposure visit was organized for the girls of Model Cluster Schools with the objective to get the first hand knowledge of the things. Under this 52528 girls were participated in different district. The exposure visit was boon for the girls of rural areas.

Outcomes of Exposure Visit-Most of the girls were of poor family and it was their dream to visit such places like science museum, Botanical Park, Aero dram, Zoological Park etc. It improves the learning level of target group.


    Vocational training: Girls enrolled in MCS was imparted along with life skill education for holistic development of girl child and providing non academic inputs to the beneficiaries of NPEGEL. For vocational training the raw materials purchased and provision for honorarium of vocational trainer has been made. The types of vocational training that provided dependent upon the raw materials available and local market factors. 154663 girls was trained in different trade i.e. Stitching, Knitting, Crossia work, Bamboo work, Candle making, Artificial Jewellery making, Vermiculture etc. The skill development training was given with the objective to enhance girls capability to develop their earning ability.


    Bridge Course: This intervention has specially meant for hard to reach girls by reaching out to them through bridge courses, flexible timings, back to school camps, remedial teaching etc. In the financial year 2010-11the bridge course  for NPEGEL girls was organized with convergence of out of school component of the state.


    Award to school/ teachers: This provision is being made for providing award to school/ teacher at cluster level on the basis   of their contribution towards achievement in enrollment, retention and learning outcomes of girl students. The teachers engaged in vocational training and remedial teaching under NPEGEL programme was also awarded.


    Mobilization of the community: For mobilizing the community one day orientation meeting were organized with the members of mata samiti, secretary of MCS and members of SMC.


ECCE centres :

Under ECCE support provided to existing ECCE centers while in districts where ECCE centers have been closed in convergence with ICDS the allocated amount utilized for strengthening the Anganwari centers under ICDS programme.


Educational Intervention for female prisoners and their children in jails: 

This intervention consists of basic education, vocational training and life skill training contributing to better quality of life.


Regularly follow-up reflection meeting and documentation:                    

For effective implementation, regular review-cum-reflection meeting has been organized at each level i.e. State, District, Block, Cluster etc. and follow by the documentation also.


Other activities:

With the help of state level guidance the list of envisaged activities for NPEGEL are as follows:-       

-  Competitive Events.

-  Health awareness esp. on adolescent and reproductive health.

-  Availability and use of gender sensitive materials.

-  Availability of information on govt. schemes on vocational training institutes etc. available in the block/district.

-  Coaching centre for girls willing to join higher education or appear for competitive examinations.

-  Linkage with high school and open schools.


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